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MovieCleaner mutes offensive language in streaming videos from Netflix and Amazon

How it Works

MovieCleaner scans the closed captioning information for a movie and whenever a sentence containing a bad word is found, it mutes the volume. In this way it's similar to products such as TVGuardian, only without a physical device!

Note: Some words around the bad word are also muted due to the fact that the timing information provided by closed captioning is for a block of text and not for individual words. We will soon be adding a second approach for how to filter that is more precise. Read on for more information

Dynamic Language Filtering Now, More to Come Soon

Not only does MovieCleaner support dynamically muting out bad language using Closed Captioning information but in the not too distant future we will also support filtering using pre-made filters. This allows for more precise timing so that only the bad words themselves are muted out, as well as adding the ability to black out the screen and/or skip ahead when there is objectionable visual content.
Find out why we want to support both methods

What it is

MovieCleaner is an extension for desktop versions of the Chrome web browser. So if you use a browser on a computer to watch your Netflix or Amazon videos, this is for you. We hope in the future to have versions for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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